Evolution® is serious product, engineered by JL Audio to meet the demands of the toughest acoustic and environmental conditions in the high-fidelity world. Evolution® is not about cute buzzwords or the exotic material of the month... it's all about making your music come alive with realism and excitement.

Utilizing our extensive testing and development resources, each of the Evolution® lines has been optimized to reproduce your music with lifelike balance, effortless dynamics and smooth response in the car. Particular emphasis has been placed on off-axis response and dynamic stability which, might not be that important during a five minute evaluation on a demo board, but it makes all the difference when installed in your car.

There are many less expensive products out there, and there are quite a few that are more expensive... So, do your homework and listen carefully, because no other piece of equipment makes a bigger difference in the sound of your system than your component speakers.


A sound quality experience with no equal.


The smoothness and transparency of a high-end silk dome tweeter combines with top-flight component woofer performance to create loudspeaker systems of exceptional refinement and dynamic capability.


There are times when an installation calls for a separate woofer and tweeter, and there are other times when a coaxial is the better approach.


The Evolution C2 systems combine real silk dome tweeter performance, smooth mid-range and powerful mid-bass capabilities in a wide range of popular speaker sizes.


For those who value substance and great audio performance… C1 is the real deal at a very sweet price!


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Our flagship amplifiers feature Single-Cycle Control switching technology and R.I.P.S. power supplies to deliver top-flight audio performance.

Slash v3

Pure, sexy evil, with significant changes under the hood as well.


The amazingly small XDv2 amplifiers are huge in audio performance, thanks to our advanced NexD™ switching technologies.


Sleek and powerful, RD amplifiers deliver outstanding amplifier performance and versatility at an unprecedented value.


JX Amplifiers apply our no-nonsense, pure performance philosophy to a high-value package.


Compact, powerful and versatile, MX amplifiers are designed to deliver outstanding audio from the smallest of spaces.

Subwoofer Drivers

With each generation of subwoofer drivers, JL Audio has achieved significant breakthroughs in design and performance. This is why, at a time when most audio products are built in Asia, JL Audio’s commitment to in-house loudspeaker production continues to grow. By working closely with our engineers in one of the world’s most advanced loudspeaker assembly facilities, they build special products that are capable of satisfying the most demanding audio enthusiast... and our own desire to build the best.


The reference for high-performance automotive sub-bass.


The sound quality reference in very compact enclosures.


Groundbreaking large woofer performance with only 2.6 inches of mounting depth.


Phenomenal performance at medium power levels, without requiring a large enclosure.


World-class performance and refined sound quality for challenging applications.


Exceptional performance for tight-space, moderate power applications.


The shallow-depth woofer solution for lower power applications.


Absolute Beasts.

Subwoofer Systems

JL Audio enclosed subwoofer systems offer you a wide variety of precisely engineered and assembled subwoofer designs. From the diminutive CP106LG-W3v3 to the massive H.O. systems, we have a system that is just right for your performance goals, budget and available space...

All our enclosed subwoofer designs are precisely modeled using state-of-the-art 3D software so that every dimension, cutout, angle and recess is quantified. This information is then used to program JL Audio's CNC woodworking equipment. The enclosed subwoofer systems are then assembled by skilled craftsmen…This flawless combination has made JL Audio the performance leader in engineered sub-bass solutions.

Why roll the dice with some cheaply made "universal box" when you can enjoy the quality and performance of a well-engineered solution?


Are you ready for a higher level of sub-bass performance?

H.O. Wedge™

Excellent sound quality and awesome output!


Taking our high-performance, slot-ported enclosure designs to an all-new level.


Our low-profile, slot-ported MicroSub™ delivers astonishing bass performance in very tight spaces.


Uniting our tried and true sealed PowerWedge™ enclosures with a proprietary Class D amplifier design, PowerWedge+™ systems are engineered to deliver incredible performance in a compact, all-in-one subwoofer package.


PowerWedge™ systems have defined value in engineered low-frequency systems for almost two decades.


Our most affordable enclosed subwoofer systems feature MDF construction and quality carpet with a JL AUDIO logo embroidered onto the top surface for a clean, classy look.


Liberate your soundtrack and unleash its potential!
JL AUDIO offers a complete line of advanced digital signal processors designed to improve the quality of your audio experience.

Why do you need a FiX™?
Great audio begins with a flat, full-range stereo signal from its source. Most factory-installed car audio systems are designed with altered audio outputs to compensate for factory speaker quality and placement. In many cases, the only available audio signals are chopped into different frequency ranges, making the integration of quality amplifiers and speakers even tougher.

What does FiX™ do?
In a nutshell, FiX OEM Integration DSPs automatically level match, time-correct, reconstruct and re-equalize factory audio signals, giving you clean, flat, full-range audio signals to build your new audio system around.

Then what?
The TwK System Tuning DSPs take your sound to the next level. Equipped with a powerful, 24-bit digital signal processor, TwK processors include flexible input/output options, 80 total bands of equalization, channel delays and powerful mixing tools that allow you to precisely adjust and fine-tune your new audio system. Using the TüN 2.0 Software Interface, connected via PC, tuning adjustments are easily made, for all system types, from basic to complex.

Whether you are upgrading a factory audio system or building the system of your dreams, our OEM Integration and System Tuning DSPs are the right tools to achieve world-class sound.

OEM Integration

Turn OEM challenges into aftermarket dream systems with JL Audio OEM Integration products.

System Tuning

Unleash the power of DSP to tune your system like never before!

System Expansion

System Expansion products are designed to expand the functionality of any aftermarket system. The CL-RLC provides level control capabilities (CL-RLC).

Processor Accessories

Calibration CD’s, replacement knobs and harnesses for OEM Integration products.

Source Units

With JL Audio’s Bluetooth® receivers, you can wirelessly stream audio from your Bluetooth® equipped device to your vehicle’s audio system.

Bluetooth Receivers


Connection Systems

JL Audio ECS connection products have gained a loyal following among installers and enthusiasts who appreciate quality, flexibility and compactness. We knew the world didn't really need "another wire line", just a better one that was designed for the realities of modern mobile audio installations.

Audio Connections

JL Audio manufactures a wide range of quality audio cables designed to faithfully transmit your audio signals between aftermarket car audio products, and also between portable electronics and your car audio system.

Power Connections

Whether you are installing a small, single amplifier or a multi-kilowatt system, achieving proper power and ground connections is essential to reliable, enjoyable performance.

Audio/Video Connections

Cables designed to interface audio/video portable electronics with automotive audio/video equipment.

Speaker Connections

ECS Speaker Connection products are designed for a wide variety of applications.