Idaho Falls Car Audio Accessories

In a closed environment like a car, your music can be greatly affected by outside noises and vibrations. This noise can come from anywhere – the wind, exhaust, engine whine, tire hum, traffic, and the list goes on. This can be annoying when you have invested a lot of your time and money on an Idaho falls car audio system. But fear not, Limitless Electronics sells car audio accessories that will keep your music sounding just the way it was intended to. We sell only the top brand name wires, capacitors, and noise deadening systems for all your car audio needs. The top brands we choose to carry at our Idaho Falls showroom are:
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idaho falls car accessories store

Idaho Falls Noise Dampening Systems

Idaho Falls Car AccessoriesA sound dampening product from our top brand Stinger works by eliminating speaker resonance, muffling outside sound, and absorbing sound-causing vibration. Just one of our Idaho Falls car audio accessories that Limitless Electronics recommends, is our ROADKILL STEALTH BLACK BULK PACK by Stinger. The features for this system include:

  • Lightweight construction and 25% less weight.
  • Premium light weight sound dampening material
  • Improves overall audio frequency response and bass output
  • Kills panel resonance, squeaks and rattles
  • 9-Pack: 36sq-ft. total (18” x 32”) noise deadening material

Idaho Falls Capacitors

A capacitor or a cap is a great car audio accessory to have if you need more power. A cap helps to prevent the sound in your car from deteriorating because of low voltage. Basically, a capacitor is great for a jolt of energy to your amp and to keep your lights from dimming while you blast your music. The cap itself does not improve the sound quality, but it does ensure that the amp is performing at it’s absolute best. For what size of capacitor you will need and cap installation you will want to see the professionals at Limitless Electronics. We can help get the right cap for your Idaho Falls car audio accessory needs.

Idaho Falls Wires

Limitless Electronics sells absolutely everything you need to make the car audio system of your dreams. We sell all types of wires for your Idaho Falls car audio systems from Stinger and JL Audio. Make Limitless Electronics your one stop shop for all your sound system needs. Not only to see sell only the highest quality brands but we also install all of our products for your convenience. Wires can be tricky so let only the Expert experts install your car audio wires to make sure that the installation is done right the first time.

Limitless Electronics wants to take your car’s sound to the next level, not only will our car audio accessories help to create the perfect system for you but be sure to check out all of our other Idaho Falls car audio products the next time you visit our showroom. We sell only top brand speakers, CD/ DVD units, subwoofers, amps and more!