Idaho Falls Amplifiers

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Idaho Falls Amplifiers

I think we can all agree that car amplifiers breathe life into your music. Whether you like to drive with your windows down and music blaring or if you still want to be able to hold a conversation, Idaho Falls amplifiers are what you need to bring your music to the next level. Limitless Electronics proudly sells Mono Amps, Two Channel Amps, and Four Channel Amps to the Idaho Falls area. We only want to sell you the best brands that’s why we choose to carry the following brands at our Idaho Falls showroom:

Idaho Falls Amplifiers

  • Alpine
  • JL Audio
  • Rockford Fosgate
  • Sony
  • Kenwood
  • Focal
  • Wetsounds

Depending on what type of system you currently have, are shopping for, or what you want your music to sound like can impact what type of amp you will need. What you want your music to sound like, how much power your speakers can handle or if you’re just adding a subwoofer can all be deciding factors when purchasing an Idaho Falls amplifier.

Idaho Falls Mono Amplifiers

Mono Amplifiers or Monoblock’s are primarily used for subwoofers. Mono amplifiers are designed for power and maximum efficiency, first and foremost. Subwoofers require a lot more power than regular speakers and operate at a lower frequency. Idaho Falls mono amplifiers are the best option to increase power to your subwoofers. Some other features of a monoblock are:

  • Used to power one or more subwoofer
  • Not full range
  • High Power
  • Usually Class D circuitry

Idaho Falls Two Channel Amplifiers

Two channel amps are the most popular choice when it comes to buying an amp for your vehicle. These amps can be used to power two separate channels, which is great for increasing power to a set of car speakers. Two channel amps are commonly used to be combined or bridged together to provide more power for one channel. Idaho Falls two channel amplifiers can bring some serious power to your subwoofers as well. If this is the amp you are looking for, Limitless Electronics recommends the Pioneer – GM 500W Class AB Bridgeable 2-Channel Amplifier for you.

Idaho Falls Four Channel Amplifiers

These amps are another popular option. Many people use these to power an entire set of car speakers and most commonly are used for door speakers. Four channel amps, just like 2 channel amps, are also bridgeable, this  allows for many different configurations. These amps can be an economical way to upgrade your sound system if you are not ready to change the factory receiver or speakers. The Alpine KTP-445U is a great power pack that is small enough to be installed in virtually any dashboard and can greatly change the quality of your car’s sound system.

So whether you just want to power a subwoofer or want to change the way music is played in your car, Limitless Electronics has the perfect Idaho Falls Amplifer for you and your car audio needs. Come visit us today, we are the Expert experts for all things car audio.