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With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas within sight, it’s the perfect time to stock up on top-quality Idaho Falls car audio accessories (and more!). Here at Limitless Electronics, we have a wide range of car audio products and accessories for you to choose from and we want to help you find the perfect gift for the people in your life. Below, you’ll find a quick guide to the types of products we have to offer. Take a look, and we’re sure you’ll find something perfect. And don’t forget that we do installations, too!

Car Stereo Systems

Idaho Falls Car AudioIf you’re shopping for someone who loves music, a new car stereo system can be a great gift. Of course, not all car stereos are created equal, which is why we carry Idaho Falls car audio systems from the best and biggest names in the industry, including:

Many of our most popular Idaho Falls car audio systems feature sleek design, smartphone connectivity, and crystal-clear displays. Many of our car stereo systems even include Bluetooth connectivity to help drivers follow the new “hands-free” ordinance that was recently passed in Idaho Falls.

Automotive Speakers

Idaho Falls Car AudioYou won’t be surprised to hear that factory stock Idaho Falls car audio speakers tend to be low-quality products and offer mediocre sound quality. What does that mean for the music lover in your life? It means low-quality sound and mediocre enjoyment. So, what’s the solution? New speakers, of course! Here are a few key factors to look at when buying audio speakers for cars.

  • Build Quality – High-quality speaker materials provide great sound and are built to last.
  • Power Handling – Make sure new speakers are designed to handle the power put out by the car stereo’s head unit or external amp.
  • Sensitivity – Keep in mind that high sensitivity speakers can produce a higher volume with lower power levels.
  • Speaker Size – You’ll also need to make sure that new speakers will fit into the automobile they are being purchased for.


We’ve all heard that it’s “all about that bass,” but that’s not always true when it comes to subwoofers. Subwoofers can actually improve the quality of sound in a variety of ways. You may be wondering how a subwoofer improves sound quality. It’s because using a good subwoofer can minimize audio distortion, prevent damage to speakers, and help create realistic sound. They can also help Idaho Falls car audio equipment last longer. As you can see, a good subwoofer can be a great addition to a high-quality car stereo system.


Idaho Falls Car AudioIf the person you’re buying for already has a good base stereo system, you may want to think about getting them an amplifier. Idaho Falls car audio amplifiers work with the installed stereo system to help create powerful lows and deep thumping bass. At Limitless, we sell a range of amplifiers from top brands. Brands like Alpine, Focal, JL Audio, Rockford Fosgate, and Wet Sounds. We can even install them so that you know the amp is working at peak levels.

Audio Accessories

To get the absolute best sound out of a car stereo, it’s sometimes necessary to make sure the right audio accessories are being used.

For starters, a noise dampening system can help make music sound better by reducing other sounds. This is done by muffling outside sound, eliminating speaker resonance, and absorbing noisy vibrations. This improves the audio frequency response and bass output. It can also help kill annoying panel resonance, rattles, and squeaks that may be present.

Another great addition is a capacitor or “cap” designed to help stereo amps work at peak levels in systems with low power levels. They don’t improve sound quality, but they help with power levels. Simply put, a cap can provide a jolt of energy to the amp and help keep the lights from dimming when the music gets cranked up.

More Great Automotive Products from Limitless Electronics

Of course, the people in your life may not need new Idaho Falls car audio products, but we can still help you find the perfect gift. Let’s take a quick look at some of the other great automotive products we have to offer.

Remote Start Systems

As the year draws to a close, the days will continue to get colder. That’s a simple fact that has to be lived with here in Idaho. But what doesn’t have to be lived with is the discomfort caused by getting into a frigid car. With a new remote start system, your car can be started from the comfort of any home or office. When purchasing a remote start system, however, make sure that it is high-quality, has an adequate signal range, and is installed by a remote start expert. Some top-quality systems also offer great benefits like remote lock and unlock and vehicle tracking.

In-Car Video Players

Idaho Falls Car AudioAnyone who has ever taken a road trip filled with “I’m bored!” and “Are we there yet?” knows the value of an in-car video player. These systems are simple to use and provide hours of entertainment for children who may be less than happy when stuck in the car for hours. We can help you find a system that has automotive video cables, great screen resolution, and region-free playback. And whether you’re looking for a headrest DVD player or a drop-down screen player, we’ve got you covered.

Reverse Cameras

While they may still seem like a luxury to some people, reverse cameras are becoming more and more common. In fact, virtually all newer car models come with them pre-installed. Why? Because they can help save lives and reduce accidents. However, installing these handy little gadgets requires correct mounting placement and running wires through the entire length of the car from the camera mount in the back to the in-dash display. That’s why it’s critically important to make sure you hire an expert installer.

GPS Systems

Virtually everybody loves to travel, even if it’s just in their own small part of the world. On the other hand, nobody loves to get lost. This very fact is part of why the use of smartphone GPS systems is so common. But what happens when your phone battery drains too fast? Or you receive a call just as the app is telling you where to turn? Standalone GPS systems are the perfect solution for these annoying little problems. Their larger screen can also make it easier to see the information you need at a glance.

As you can see, Limitless has a great selection of car accessories to help you find the perfect gift for anyone in your life – even yourself! Come see us today, and we’ll help you find something that is exactly right.