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In-Dash & Drop-Down DVD Players for Your Family Vehicle

When it comes to family road trips, or simply driving your kids to school or around town, nothing helps keep them entertained like a good movie. At Limitless Electronics, our Idaho Falls video installation will equip your vehicle with DVD players, making your commutes a better experience. Our DVD players for your car will make things easier on parents as well, who won’t have to worry about keeping their children entertained over long drives. Limitless Electronics is here to help you select the right DVD player for your vehicle, and our video installation in Idaho Falls will make things even easier on you.

We provide some of the top brand names in the industry, including Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, Rosen, Audiovox, and Carshow.

The Basics of Idaho Falls In-Dash DVD Players & Benefits of Our Idaho Falls Video Installation

There are many different features to consider before purchasing and installing drop-down video players in Idaho Falls. Our technicians will help you find the best deal for what you’re looking for.

  • DIN: The International DIN Standard is the standard that all car receiver units adhere to. This standard requires that a receiver should be 7 inches long and 2 inches high. This way it is guaranteed to fit in all vehicles. Occasionally, a manufacturer will make a receiver that is 4 inches high, called a “double-DIN”. When our technicians provide Idaho Falls video installation, we will be sure to check your vehicle space and help you decide on the best DVD player option for your vehicle.
  • Monitor: Our technicians will show you all of the features of a specific monitor. We highly recommend a monitor with a touchscreen, which will make things much more convenient for you during your travel. Other features that are hugely convenient are retractable receivers and detachable faceplates, which help protect against theft by concealing your DVD players, and make thieves less likely to spend time trying to figure out what type of receiver you have.
  • Video Cables: These are designed for car apps, and typically involve higher insulation than normal household cables.
  • Resolution: A better picture is always a good thing. Low resolution results in images that look more pixelated. What you are looking for is at least 1024 X 768, which is the same as a 7 inch Apple tablet.
  • Region Free: This lets you watch a DVD in your car no matter where it was made.
  • Pass Through Technology: Lets you watch the same movie on different devices.
  • Active Headrest Technology: Reduces whiplash in case of an accident.

Other features available with Idaho Falls vehicle DVD players include:

  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Control Options: smartphone app, steering wheel, or remote control
  • Audio-Video Features: Digital Analog Converter, Multi-Channel Playback, Equalizer, Format Playback
  • USB Port, SD Card Reader, A/V Input

For all of your Idaho Falls car video installation needs, Limitless Electronics is here to help you get the best deal. We provide quality installation services which will make all of your road trips fun for the whole family.